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40% CBD Oil



*Please note this product cannot be smoked or vaporised*

Very High Concentrate 40% CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil (1ml, 400mg CBD) – This is the strongest CBD oil available in the UK which complies with strict UK legislation.


Hemp Extract,

Made from pure, chemical-free and premium strains of High CBD Hemp Plants, we take pride in the newest addition to our King Range – Super High Concentrate 40% CBD Oil.

To deliver the highest quality and pure Hemp CBD oil to you, we hand-pick and select extracts from the world’s finest hemp fields that are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers. We only use extracts that are farmed without any exposure to harmful and harsh chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Just glorious green goodness that’s completely vegan-, gluten- and GMO-free.

What You Get

All CBD oils are a combination of a ‘carrier oil’ and the cbd solvent extract. This extract is added to the oil in varying quantities which gives the different concentration levels that you see on the labels of the products.

What’s in the 40% bottle?

  • 4000mg of CBD (40%)
  • 20mg of CBD per drop of oil
  • Each bottle contains 200 drops
  • Each drop is 0.05ml
  • 10ml total contents

How To Use It

As to how much you should take, depends entirely on the individual. Some users find that a quick spray or a drop or two of oil is all that they need.  Other users may have much more depending on their particular situation and tolerance for CBD. We do suggest that you start small if you have not had CBD oil before, however.

Usage Guide

  • New users should start with a low concentration of CBD product and start with one drop or spray, 2 – 3 times per day
  • Assess how you feel after using it for a few days. You can gradually increase the amount of CBD by increasing the number of drops etc each time you use it, until you find a level that works for you.
  • Check the ‘What You Get’ tab which tells you exactly what you will find in each product to help you decide which one is right for you. Obviously, the higher the concentration, the less you will use to achieve the desired effect
  • You will soon get a feel for what works and if you need to be precise in your dose measuring, use the capsules.
  • If you are on medication or have a health condition. Speak to your G.P. CBD can impact some drugs


  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Once opened, we suggest that you use the product within 6 months but stored correctly, it can last up to 12 months


Bio-Availability, I hear you cry, what’s that?

Yes, it really is a thing, and it’s important, to a degree, in determining which product is the best choice for you. Bio-availability is essentially, how much of that CBD oil, actually makes it to it’s destination. Your decision will be centered around your own personal preferences.

  • How you personally prefer to take it
  • Whether accuracy is the most important factor, as with the capsules
  • Whether you can put up with the taste
  • How you feel about ‘inserting’ CBD products

The quickest way to absorb the cbd is via soft tissue and so the ‘Under the tongue’ method is the preferred one here. The key is to hold it there for 90 seconds or so without swallowing. The sprays offer an accurate measure, also under the tongue and tend to come in flavours, which is a help for some users.

Once you start to swallow the product, you have the stomach and gut wall to get through and it’s harder to assess what percentage is actually doing it’s stuff after it’s journey!

Some prefer to use suppositories, usually when much higher doses are involved, because they don’t have to hold a large amount under their tongue, or don’t like the taste or want to ensure that all of the good stuff gets to where it needs to be.

It’s all up to you of course!

Benefits & Side Effects


  • There are now many thousands of reports available on the internet of how CBD is helping people.
  • There is no question that CBD does help people but whether it will help you, only you can say after you’ve used it.
  • Whether it’s your aches & pains, anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability, you name it, and someone will tell you that CBD helped.
  •  Only you can decide if it helps your particular situation.

Possible Side Effects

  • Fortunately, from the information available, the side effects appear to be few, and relatively mild.
  • If you take a large dose when you are not accustomed to CBD, it may give you diarrhoea.
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure

They are potential side effects and you may not experience any of them. The important thing is, if you have a medical condition, or take regular medication, consult your G.P./Doctor before using CBD products. If you are pregnant, the general advice is to, not use it at all.


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